"Our family was going through a lot of changes and I needed a refocus. I was very curious how Elevate U would help me go deeper with my relationship with my Lord.  Also, it just seemed the right time since my husband also joined. At first I was apprehensive to open up to a group of people I really didn’t know. But I thought I may as well, you know “sink or swim.” With all the required reading we had and all the class discussions I was challenged to look inside myself. I saw Father reaching out to me with no judgment and more love than I could imagine.  Loving others through Him with the privilege of talking with Him and speaking His words to others. My walk changed! Our marriage grew deeper. Relationships with the students (now family) became so much closer, much more trusting and loving. It was the best thing I did."



"To describe how Elevate U has changed me is very difficult. I do know that I have a stronger, confident feeling with God when praying for someone or praying for myself about something. Elevate U has formed a bound of faith with the Lord that can be described as WOW. Elevate U has given me an understanding of who I am in Christ, it has brought an extreme element of listening to God and not me and asking the Holy spirit for wisdom and direction about making decisions personally and for members of the Church when praying for them."



"I went into DT not sure whether I really hear Holy Spirit much or very well at all. I’m still learning and growing in this area and the DT experience has given me the opportunity, in a safe and loving environment, to get prophetic words to encourage others in the group. For example, I received a word from Holy Spirit about one of my classmates, but didn’t have a chance to share it with my classmate at that time. A month later, that classmate shared with our class about an opportunity to mentor a younger person in a discipleship role. This was exactly the word that Holy Spirit gave me for this classmate a month earlier. The word for this classmate was that God will bring opportunities to mentor young Christians and Holy Spirit has equipped this classmate to be a life changer. I felt bad that I hadn’t had a chance to share this word with my classmate at the time I received it. The classmate said she was happy that I hadn’t shared it a month earlier as she wouldn’t have been ready to receive at that time. God is good!"



"Being part of Elevate U last year was a most amazing experience for me.  I found out that I truly do hear God better than I think.  He speaks to me in so many ways that I did not know He was until taking this class.  Pastor Ryan always says we hear God better than we think and he is right!!  I used to think it was intuition, now I know it is the voice of God…God has even started giving me visions that run thru my head like a video. 

I learned that I could be gut level honest and be loved and accepted.  I was supported by love.  We created a new spiritual family that could be right there with us thru it all…..good and bad…  This family knows us in a way that others do not. 

I grew so much thru the worship that we had.  Imagine worship 2 more hours a week in communion with very like-minded worshippers.  It seems that worship is my spiritual love language.  I can never get enough….

I am blessed to have had this opportunity to be a part of something big!"



"To be honest, if I knew what I was getting myself into I would have chickened out.  And yet the people I’ve gotten to know and what I’ve experienced through this class will have a lasting impact on my life.  I guess I’ll start at the beginning.  When I heard about E3, my curiosity was peaked.  Considering I had no idea what I was doing or where I belonged or even if I belonged, that was a strange feeling.  A couple people I had gotten to know at Elevation encouraged me to check it out.  While my interest was piqued, I thought I wasn’t ready for it.  After all I had only started this Christian walk thing in June and the school year started in September.    I had thought about going to the information session about the class, but my fear kept me from going.  I talked to Pastor Aaron about the class and not knowing if I was ready for it.  Of course, all he said was to ask Holy Spirit.  For me that sounded like asking a fish to breathe out of water.  What did I know about listening to this Holy Spirit, who is also God?  How does that work?  There was a second information session, and this time I didn’t have any fear or hesitation to stop me from going.  I decided that day that I needed to do this.  I honestly couldn’t have necessarily told you why I felt that way other than I was facing a storm nobody knew about, hoping my circumstance would change, and I needed answers and to figure out what God wanted me to do and where He wanted to lead me.

The first day of class was exciting in a terrifying way.  Here I was in a room full of strangers as I only knew a couple of the people and not very well.  What was I thinking?  I don’t know anything, what will they think of me?  Will I be accepted?  Will I fall on my face?  Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea?!  The first week was mostly introductions and setting the standard for the class structure and the goals of the class.  Other than questioning what I was doing, I don’t remember a whole lot about that first day or even week except for the blessing of that first night (I’m not going to say what that blessing was; I don’t want to spoil it for anyone).  The second week is when things really hit the ground running.  I will never forget our first activation.  We had to dream with God and then share with the class.  Soaking music was put on and we were given time to dream with God and write things down.  I just started to cry.  For me, that never happened before.  I don’t cry in front of people, let alone complete strangers!  I tried to stop the tears and hide, but it didn’t work.  The tears did eventually stop and when it was my turn to share, I shared that I didn’t get any vision or words, instead of being made to feel like a failure or that I was clueless, these wonderful people who didn’t know me from Eve, were loving, accepting, and spoke words over me that I honestly couldn’t believe.  I had to look around to make sure they were talking to me and not someone else.  Little did I know that my journey of transformation was only beginning.

As the weeks rolled by, we prophesied and spoke words over each other all the time.  At first when I spoke words over people, I just thought I was pulling things out of nowhere, that I wasn’t hearing God telling me these things.  I also thought the others in the class who spoke words over me were just being really nice people.  As time went on though, I started to gain confidence in my ability to hear and speak what God was telling me and to receive that what others were speaking into my life was from God as well.  Hearing how God sees you and the gold in you when all you can see is the ick inside you is an amazing blessing of His love.  I wish I could say that I am entirely confident in my ability to speak words over people, but I still have doubts.  I keep doing it though.  There have been several times where a word I have given someone was confirmed by someone else that didn’t know about the word I had given that person.  It’s edifying when you hear that a word you gave someone is confirmed by someone else!

As I said earlier, this entire time, I was dealing with a raging storm that nobody knew about.  As time went on, I finally got the courage to tell a couple of people in class about the storm.  There was no judgment, just love and support.  They honored my wishes for it not to be shared at that time with others.  It was a relief to be able to tell someone what was happening.  When the worst of the storm hit and I finally shared it with the entire class, I was again met with nothing but love, support, and encouragement.  At a time when I felt the worst about myself, they showed me that my circumstance didn’t matter, that they and God loved me no matter what my circumstance.  What a relief and a blessing that was!

As it happened, School of the Prophets was to be held that weekend, and I was tasked to get up on stage to do the housekeeping announcements.  I was assigned this just before the worst of my storm hit and with Pastor Aaron and Pastor Cally knowing that the worst was about to hit.  While I knew I could do what was asked of me, I didn’t know if I could do it with the right heart posture.  Even though I had doubts, they had no doubt that I’d be fine.  School of the Prophets was an amazing weekend and showed me what it means by ‘in my weakness He is strong’, and ‘I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.’  I can’t put into words how amazing that weekend was for all of us.  We got to prophecy over people and even though we were already a close group, we bonded as a group more than ever before.  We were already a family going into the weekend but became a tight knit family by the end of it.  And our closeness just continues to grow.

Now that the storm I was facing has passed, I look back on the past 7 months and who I am now versus who I was then and it’s crazy that so much has changed in such a small amount of time.  While during that whole time all I could see and focus on was the storm raging around me, I grew and didn’t really notice how much I grew.  People kept telling me I was growing and I could tell I was changing to some extent, as I was sometimes getting visions or revelations that I would share with the class or the E3 community.  While that seemed crazy and mind-blowing to me, I was still so fixated on the storm that I didn’t see the extent to which I was changing.  I am so amazingly astonished and blessed by His grace that through the storm that I was so focused on, He just kept pouring into me and over me like the storm wasn’t even there.  A small stem, that could have easily been destroyed by the storm, grew stronger instead.  I am immensely blessed by His grace and mercy.  Now as I stand with the storm behind me, I see the person I was and I grieve for her for the pain and hurt she went through, but I also understand that she needed to go through that difficult time for me to grow into the new creation I’m becoming. 

While this is my testimony, it’s really a testimony to the people in the class.  They all have amazing hearts for God and see and hear His heart and share His heart even when they may not have the confidence they are hearing Him or hearing Him correctly.  It takes a lot of courage to do that, and they do it well.  We have all had individual breakthroughs and even group breakthroughs.  It’s been an honor and a privilege to watch everyone grow.  We laugh together, cry together, hurt together, and heal together.  We celebrate each other’s victories, and rally to help pick one another up when they feel defeated.  Family are people who love you unconditionally and we are family.  I started the class feeling like an orphan, but now I have sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles that will always be a part of my life.

We are blessed to have incredible leaders in this journey of growth and impact on our lives.  Pastor Aaron and Pastor Cally have the biggest hearts of anyone I know.  They have been the heartbeat of the class and our biggest supporters and encouragers.  They sow so much into us without hesitation.  They believe in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves.  They know when to push us and when to let things happen organically.  They created a safe place for us to grow, to share, to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, and to be who we are even when it isn’t pretty.  There isn’t a question that can’t be asked or an opinion that can’t be shared.  They love well.  What they have taught us by their example and teachings can’t be replicated.  Their anointing and passion simply can’t be matched.  We will all be forever grateful to them.

There are so many amazing components to this class.  The hour of worship to begin each class is so good!  The worship team is incredible!  We have also had the honor of having incredibly gifted interns and guest speakers such as Pastor Ryan, Pastor Rick, as well as conference speakers.  Even the books we read almost feel like the authors are in the room teaching to us.  Their teachings, encouragement, prophecy, and wisdom have had a major impact on all our lives.  Their willingness to give their time and talents to sow into us has been an immense blessing.  All these different pieces fit together to make the class a complete package.

If you’re still reading this, thanks for sticking with me.  If you are wondering what Elevate U is like and if you should take it, I hope this helped.  I love that the name is Elevate U because that’s exactly what this class does.  It elevates you to a whole new level in Christ that you may have never thought possible.  Is it easy?  No, but if it were easy, everyone would do it.  Everyone should do it.  There will be times that you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.  You will cross what are commonly called ‘chicken lines’, although I prefer to think of them as ‘spiritual thresholds’, as it reminds me that it’s bigger and better on the inside.  That way it doesn’t feel as scary, because I’m just walking through the next doorway on my path to my destiny.  If this still scares or intimidates you, just keep in mind that everything you are asked to do is for your growth, the growth of others, and the growth of the Kingdom.

For me, Elevate U, was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time in my life.  From the community that I now call family, to the books and teachings that have been imparted to us, to the life-changing breakthroughs we have all had, this class is more than I could ever have imagined.  Did I get the answers I was looking for?  Yes and no.  I find I have a lot more questions than when I started, but for me that’s a sign of my growth.  Most importantly, I have gained a better understanding and trust that God has a plan for me and of His endless love for all of us.


If you want personal growth, to see and hear the Father’s heart better, and to get a better relationship with him, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.  If you are feeling led to take the class, but are unsure, I highly encourage you to jump in.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  It’s bigger and better on the inside!"



"I had dreamed about an opportunity like Elevate U for a long time, but it always seemed so impossible for where I was in life-a large family to care for, the location of my husband’s job, finances, etc. I had no idea that anything like this was available in Green Bay when God moved us back here three years ago. I’m continually amazed at how multi-faceted God’s plans are….all the ways He leads and provides. He would speak to me about the exciting things He had waiting, but I couldn’t see or understand at the time. I’ve heard my friend say many times that “God is the coolest wild man I know”, he’s so right.

I have wrestled with putting into words my experience of this past year in Elevate U. Sometimes words seem so small when we try to convey what was so impactful about events, situations, or people. I can’t emphasize enough the value and worth of jumping in to Elevate U. It has stretched me in so many ways, while giving opportunity to be propelled into experiencing God and releasing the overflow to others. I’ve experienced and witnessed the power of vulnerability and the honor of being invited into people’s lives in such new depths…..and that is what builds a community of family that I never expected or experienced before. Pastors Aaron and Cally model that so well and it draws you in and stirs your desire to live life that way. And I have found that without that intimate community everything else seems so meaningless. That kind of community and intimacy with God and each other is what creates strength in the storm, reminds you who you are, celebrates your uniqueness, and rejoices in victories.

I’m so grateful I said “yes” to each step that it took to get me to this place, it will be something I deeply and forever cherish. I am ending this first year of Elevate U with my heart overflowing-exceedingly, abundantly more than I ever thought!"



"I highly recommend D.T. as the class provides a good environment to LEARN of God's love for us as well as EXPERIENCE His love for us. The tools that God used in class are videos by Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and Danny Silk which provide solid foundations of biblical truths. Testimonies given by classmates further enhance our view of God as they tell of how He has answered prayers and how he has used us to touch others with Jesus' love. Most importantly, the class provided a safe environment to explore Holy Spirit's power and love as we shared prophetic words with each other and prayed for each other. I felt 100% accepted and loved by the leaders, and by my classmates. If you want to experience God's unconditional love for you, and are new to the culture at Elevation and want to EXPERIENCE heaven coming to earth, then, this is the class for you!”



"Elevate U Year 1 has played a key part in my spiritual growth. This isn’t a class where you’re just lectured to in order to be filled up with a bunch of head knowledge. Yes, there is deeply profound teaching that goes on throughout the 9 months, but more importantly, I was continuously and lovingly pushed beyond my comfort zones through activations that led to tremendous breakthrough. Elevate U has given me a clear understanding of my true identity in Christ, and it has also taught me to flow in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit with a confidence I never had before. We are called to bring Heaven to Earth, and the leadership of Elevate U will lead you through the breakthroughs you need to walk out your Divine Destiny. This class was an absolute blessing, and if you’re even remotely curious, I cannot urge you enough to enroll."



"What has Elevate U done for me this year?  Elevate U has helped me to be so much more open to how I interact with God, that maybe, just maybe, I hear Him better than I thought.  It has helped me boost my self-confidence through understanding that I am as worthy as anyone else to receive God’s love and blessings.  This has in turn made me so much more confident when speaking in public and to large groups, even to individuals who I used to think were more important than me.  I have also gained far more insight on the Bible and how to read it.  Learning to understand how important context is when reading the Bible and what the cultural norms/traditions were when it was written.  Elevate U has exposed me to more activities that I would never have considered in the past through events like City Blitz or School of the Prophets.  All of these things add up to exploring my relationship with God by doing things that I would not have done on my own, while being in a safe and supportive environment.  All this and the added bonus of making some amazing friendships with fellow students whom I am so grateful to have in my life!"



"I have learned to think differently in the way that’s been taught to me.  A renewing of my mind.  To love the students in class as my own family, a very tight-knit group of amazing brothers and sisters that I love so deeply that I would lay down my life for them.  I will love this family for eternity.  God bless you all – each and everyone of you – I love you!!"



"I was called to start Elevate U School of Supernatural Ministry to reach a new level of spiritual maturity.  I had been on the hunt for something more for quite a while.  I knew that there was something more to God’s Kingdom that hadn’t been revealed yet but didn’t know what exactly this ‘more’ was or what it looked like.  I now know that it was the presence of the Holy Spirit pressing on me to seek more.  So I guess you could say that my journey actually began before I even came to class.

During the time I have been in class I recognize a difference in my thought patterns.  I no longer ponder about the things I lack.  I no longer think about why it took so long to get to where I’m at today spiritually, as if I’m in a rush or should have accomplished a lot more by now.  I’ve learned not only that His timing is perfect but there is a peace unlike any other that I have about the future, in all matters.  I have gained a future oriented mindset.  I constantly reminisce of the things that could be, the possibilities when God is at work in all situations and what God is up to next.  There is hope for the situations and people that I deal with in everyday interactions even when it seems that God is far from reach.  I have a spirit of anticipation and can’t help but think “…what else are we doing today, Holy Spirit?”  I have truly experienced God’s version of family and couldn’t be more appreciative of the loving classmates and leaders I was destined to know and have alongside with me as we learned together.  I walk in a new freedom because of them and it has been a joyride.

Thank you, Elevation Church, for offering this opportunity to reach new heights.  I am on a mission to continuously renew my mind and embrace the mysteries of our all-knowing God.  I’m looking forward to walking in my anointing knowing that it’s something I live into existence and that when I have attained that new level of maturity or spiritual gift, He will do it again in a new way!"



"Why Elevate U? Because God is so worthy and I am worthy and the lives of others are so worthy. God creates a beautiful atmosphere where we focus and center on Him. Yes we get to do this everywhere but in Elevate U, you are able to step intentionally in and go deeper. Allow God to change, transform, heal, celebrate you individually, as a group and as a precious piece of His ONE Body.  The intentional time is worth the investment as you are on your quest to who you are and living out God’s special anointing that he specifically gave you. Each person steps into that? Wow, a church changes, a street changes, a city changes, a state, a nation. Be a nation changer.

For me, even to say how worthy I am is a testimony to Elevate U. It has been the next class I wanted to be in for the quest I have been on for a few years now. Solidifying who I am in Christ. Who he is in me. How I flow with Holy Spirit. Recognizing when I am on and in my anointing and when I am not and how drastically different they feel. And then the joy in knowing it is part of the process and God just keeps loving me along the way. An amazing Papa holding out his hand saying great try, do it again!! Wow, walls come down, boxes are shattered and God just keeps showing his amazing love!  I am so thankful I said yes and made the investment."



"It’s interesting that the main topic of the concluding weeks of Elevate U’s second year has been that “It’s never really about what you think it’s about.”  That pretty much describes my experience with Elevate U. 

Elevate U is presented as a ‘School’ of supernatural ministry. That’s really a misnomer. It really is a guided Quest for Transformation.  While there is content to be learned, the school is really about growing in connection with Holy Spirit and with the other people on the Quest with you.  It’s about learning to take responsibility for your own heart posture. It’s about learning how and to honor and trust others enough to dare to walk in the light. It’s about learning to believe that Jesus has made you worthy of love and trust. It’s about learning how to perceive what’s happening in the Spiritual realm and then to act and speak on the basis of what you have spiritually perceived for the purpose of building others up and leading them to their own Breakthrough encounters with Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  It’s about coming to know by experience and experimentation how radically different life under the New Covenant is from life under the bondage of religious thinking.

I came into Elevate U after a long journey with Christ. I got saved in the Jesus Movement in the 70s. I became a crusader for Bible Based Theology within a denomination that had for the most part descended into humanism several centuries ago. I went through seminary and learned how to rightly handle the orthodox interpretation of the Bible. My goal, though I never would have used these words to describe it back then, was to convince my hearers that I was right. Correct Theology was my endgame. However, along the way, the Lord would every so often interrupt my regularly scheduled intellectual pursuit of a safely contained God by interrupting my one sided prayers by talking back to me.  I remember the night when I and my Board of Deacons were taking a few minutes at the start of our monthly meeting to be still and seek God.  I was shocked when, in the midst of that few quiet minutes, I clearly heard the Lord say: “I am the Lord your God. I am not a philosophy to be adhered to or a position in an argument to be won. I am the Lord your God. I am a Living God. You follow me.”  Suddenly I realized I was an expert in what God had said in the Bible, but I was a novice at interacting with and following the living, speaking God revealed in the Bible. Talk about straining out gnats and swallowing camels.

The next 33 years were spent on a journey where I would build ever bigger boxes for God, each of which He would bust out of, often much to my dismay. By the time I started Elevate U at age 60, I felt a lot like Abraham. I had some pretty big promises from God that actually felt more like curses because no matter how hard I had tried, I always managed to fall short. In my mind God wasn’t the problem.  I was.  If only I could have more self control or be more disciplined, then perhaps I would see the promises fulfilled.  Now it’s so clear what a crock of lies I was believing and how much condemnation I was under, but the testimony of my experience was so convincing.  Those lies and that religious spirit of condemnation could not withstand the power of the light and truth and love that I encountered within the process of getting vulnerable and real in the course of the Elevate U journey.  I experienced incredible breakthrough. This was quickly followed by an acceleration toward the fulfillment of the promises I had all but given up on. In the process I learned how to prophesy and how to move in my supernatural gift of encouragement. I experienced living in the reality of the concept of being a son of God. I had long been able to preach about it. It was through Elevate U that I entered that promised land experientially.  It wasn’t by curriculum.  It was by yielding my schedule and priorities to the hope of experiencing the “More” for which I had been crying out for years. It was like entering an ark, a vehicle I wouldn’t steer or depart from until it carried me into the destination God had predetermined for me.

No matter who you are…  No matter your Christian credentials and track record…No matter how many years you’ve been on your journey with Jesus, if there is an area where your experience doesn’t match up with your theology, I would encourage you to pay the price in money, time and humility to get on the ark that is Elevate U.  And know that what you gain through the process won’t be what you expect to gain because it’s never about what you think it’s about. It’ll be way better."



"It’s been a wild ride as we went through Elevate U School of Supernatural Ministry.  Early on we learned that “we can hear from the Holy Spirit better than we think we can”.  As the classes progressed we crossed many chicken lines of fear and experienced many life changing breakthroughs.  It wasn’t always a serious, intense atmosphere.  We started out with an hour of incredible worship that really set the flavor for the night.  The activations were often lighthearted and fun.  We became a close-knit family.  What was shared stayed in-house.  On Thursday nights, we had wonderful teachings by Pastors Aaron, Ryan, Rick, and others.  We also joined in support and mourning for the deaths of a mother and a couple of fathers.  We started out in cocoons and came out transformed into butterflies spreading our wings to a wide territory, soaring to new heights, in life-changing freedom.  What an amazing program that everyone should experience.

In Year 2, we lead Year 1 students.  After worship one of us would lead testimonies.  Another would lead activations.  We sometimes had videos, drum circles, and lead in Holy laughter.  One night we went out on the town engaging in a treasure hunt, where we touched people’s lives and prayed over people.  Both groups were stretched and challenged into new experiences that caused great growth in everyone.  In both groups, we would also prophesy over each other and over guests as well.  Speaking into people’s lives is an incredible experience; blessing them, encouraging them, touching their very soul.  The closeness of our “school” family is precious, often with many hugs.  The breakthroughs I experienced set me free from my past.  We also put on our School of the Prophets conference.  Participating in prophetic booths engaging congregation members by speaking into their lives.  Many testimonies came from that.

I highly recommend this school.  They are so exciting!  I already am looking forward to Year 3.  We are close to graduation.  Last night Year 2 did mini preaches.  Everyone did an incredible job.  Come be stretched, challenged, and blessed beyond imagination."



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